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Talking to yourself again?

Updated: May 15, 2020

So you've started meditating and one of the first things you encounter in practise, is internal dialogue, basically we start up a conversation with ourselves, when we're supposed to be sitting quietly. Don't worry, this is normal and something we all go through in the beginning, but with practise this will soon subside.

The conversations people have with themselves in their own heads, form a large part of a person's everyday life. It keeps us safe, informs our decision making from previous experiences, helps us organise a day full of external input, into manageable bitesize chunks and helps serve us in many other ways. However, during our meditation sessions, we want the dialogue volume reduced to zero, otherwise it becomes a distraction which deters us from the matter at hand.

So, firstly we have to recognise that it happens and then do something about it. In the Taoist meditation I teach, we do something about it by Letting Go of the dialgue and any other distractions. Letting go of 'stuff', is the aim of meditation and the general goal, it clears the White Noise from our minds. Whilst meditating there are specific processes which occur and issues we have to deal along the way, but regardless of what happens, the aim is to let-go of over 99% of it and just carry on, carrying on.

Here is a short video about internal dialogue, during the initial stages of meditation.

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