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Have you tried Meditating? How about Micro Sessions?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Most people at some point in some point in time have considered trying meditation and most people stop short of starting, or stop very soon after starting, because it's not easy. Simple yes, but not easy.

Although it's something most people know they would benefit from, in my opinion, too few people learn how to do it and even fewer practise regularly. This is why I personally recommend learning a simple method and then start by practising what I call "Micro Sessions", tiny snippets of meditation throughout the day.

Micro Sessions of meditation can bring about the start of a regular routine, without overwhelming new practitioners by adding 'yet another thing to do in the day'. Little periods which last a few seconds, maybe a minute or so throughout the day, can bring about a little peace and stillness in otherwise hectic days.

Of course, when possible, longer daily meditation sessions are preferable, 30 minutes to a few hours, but you'll need time to work up to that amount of focus. So why not practise something throughout the day in manageable chunks until you find yourself easily practising for longer? Make starting a practise easy for yourself and something you will benefit from, enjoy and look forward to doing: micro sessions.

So, before you decide to learn how to meditate and buy a special comfortable cushion and decide that you're going to commit to an hour a day, I recommend learning any method you have access to, practise just a little every day and when ready, ease yourself into place of daily calm.

Below are some videos I've made as an introduction to the Scanning process, a prerequisite to Taoist Meditation, a non religious practise. If you're interested in learning how to meditate and need a good place to start, please give all of these a watch (in order) and if you find them useful, please practise, ask me questions and come back to watch future videos.

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