Women's Self Defence Seminar


Flitwick Village Hall, Dunstable Road,

Flitwick, Beds, MK45 1HP 

July 1st 2017  10am - Midday


£10 per person. £5 for teenage girls under 18*


Self defence 1

This is our fourth women's only seminar.  Women and teenage girls (*Teenagers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.) of all abilities are welcome to attend this year's event.  This seminar will be suitable for anyone wishing to learn and practice practical useable self defence in a number of real life stituations.  Attendees will work with with eachother inorder to practice the skills taught and to practice the scenarios section .  



Due to the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, we will

add a section to learn how to deal with knife attacks.  We aim to keep this relevant,

answer all questions honestly and allow participants enough time during

the scenarios section to practice.




Section 1






Defending from being hit at close range

Learning to escape from holds

Learning how to hit back




Defending from being hit:  In this section, we will practice ways of defending our faces and body's from being hit by a close range attacker. This can be practised standing, seated or lying on the ground.  Participants will be able to choose which position, or positions they would like to practice with their partner.  


Escaping holds:  Here we will learn the principle of how holds work and effective ways to escape them.  The holds can be practised on any part of the body; wrists, legs, neck or torso.


Hitting back:  Here we will show how to hit an attacker back in ways which will help you defend yourself in a close quarter attack.  We will show where to hit and how to hit, using different parts of the body to do only what is necessary to protect yourself and escape the situation.




Section 2






For the second section of this seminar, we will practice the skills learnt in the first part in a number of different scenarios.  Participants can choose what type of scenario they would like to practice defending themselves in or escaping and will have the opportunity to assess and practice possible solutions, incorporating new or old self defence knowledge.


In past seminars, people have wanted to practice escaping from wrist holds, being backed into a corner, falling onto the ground, bag snatching, grabs from behind, using walking sticks for protection and defence whilst seated in wheelchairs.


With each scenario, a possible way to proctect yourself will be given and some variables too.  Everyone will have the opportunity to practice the solution given, as well as other possibilities which may be better suited to them.  This way, we may have several different ways to solve the same problem, but each one best suited to each person attending and their capabilities.




New to this year: close protection of friends and family in public spaces.



Here we will practice how to gently protect those close to us whilst we are out in public.  This is an introduction to some of the basic skills which are taught in bodyguarding courses, which are easily and safely transferable to civilan protection.


This will be very useful for family members, especially parents who would want some soft and non aggressive skills to use with their family.  These drills can be practiced with children, or other members of the family on the day as well as at home.


Other topics which may be covered (time permitting), include; improvised weapons use, intuition exercises, knife defence and pressure point striking.




What to do next?



Please feel free to contact Mir to book your place, ask any questions, or if you'd like, just turn up on the day.  We suggest that you wear comfortable gym clothes, but clothes you don't mind becoming dirty, or a little strectched if you decide to practice grabbing and escaping on the ground.


It is also a good idea to bring some bottled water and to have eaten a good breakfast beforehand.


Payment and registration will take place at 9:45am, before the seminar begins and participants should tell Mir or any of the instructors if they have any medical conditions, or other mental or physical issues which would be an important consideration before they take part in any of presented information.


There will be time during and after the seminar for people to ask questions and if the weather is good, we may be able to practice a few things in the park for a while afterwards.