Mir Ali studied Sports Science and Coaching before studying Chinese Medicine and because of his keen interest in sports performance has gained a lot of experience in coaching people from different sporting backgrounds.  Mir helps people from different disciplines by offering advice on postural adjustments, correct stretching techniques and performance enhancement through sports specific exercise routines.


Mir being a lifelong martial artist specialises in the area of martial arts and health exercises originating from the East and can tailor exercises and circuit training routines to help with rehabilitation or help with sports performance using his own practical knowledge and experience.






If people seek to enhance their current training regime with strength, flexbility or explosive power exercises taken from the world of martial arts then Mir is able to show and give advice on best practice.  He has over 30 years experience in martial arts and would be able to give advice to those seeking to improve and add variety to their current training programmes.


Often correct stretching of muscle groups can be very helpful for people, especially if through exercise and they have built strong muscles in the body, but have not including flexibility training as part of their regime.  The reverse can also be true where people have gained hyperflexibility or range or movement in certain planes but in the process have created other areas of weakness or intsability which may create the possibility of new injuries.


Mir advises people who are looking for ways to improve their speed, stamina, power and flexibility, through showing alternative training methods or stretches.  These can be in the form of body weight exercises (without the use of weights or machines), the use of specialised equipment or partner exercises.


























Tight muscles and stiff joints can cause aches and general unease a lot of the time.  The resaons for muscles becoming tight can vary from person to person.  Some people may experience tightness in areas of the body they have to use on a regular basis, like machinists who may have to repeat an action several hundred times a day which can lead Repetative Strain Injuries (RSI), whilst others may have tight muscles because of congenital reasons; they may be born with shorter limbs, spine curvatures or hyper flexible joints, all of which require a different approach to treatment by Exercise Therapy.




































If people are seeking a gentle approach to rehabilitation or would prefer exercise which has less impact upon the body, then exercises taken from Tai Chi and Qigong would be more suitable.  These would be especially appropriate for older adults wanting a low impact exercie routine, those recovering from an illness wanting to get back to fitness and anyone recovering from an injury.


These exercises are also particularly appropriate for anyone wanting to stay healthy but are not keen on working out in a gym.  They can be practiced at anytime and anywhere by anyone.  People can practice at home, at work, in groups and even lying in bed.  The golden rule is the "70% rule".  We never push ourselves at any time past 70 percent of our maximum capability, thereby staying safe but still challenging our bodies enough to gain benefit.  


If one is injured or ill then the rule can easily be changed to be the 30 or 40 percent rule, so as to accomodate a reduction in movement or energy but still keep the body moving.




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