Tui Na (pronounced 'twee-nah') is an important part of Chinese medicine.  Sometimes known as Chinese Medical Massage, Tui Na has always been a very popular form of treatment in China.  Through thousands of years of practice and clinical development it has become a very effective branch of medicine in hospitals across Asia and private clinics all over the world.


Tui Na is different from most other methods of massage because through correct diagnosis of illness, the practitioner is able to treat internal disharmonies as well as musulo-skeletal conditions.  Carried out over clothing, Tui Na is a popular and effective treatment for children and adults.  The techniques can be applied in varying strengths, which means that light pressure can be applied or very strong and deep pressure which is perfect for long standing muclo-skeletal conditions, sports injuries and for people who prefer deep tissue massage.


All Tui Na treatments are with Mir.




















RomiRomi/MiriMiri.....traditional Maori bodywork.....details coming soon


































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